Aster in Space


At Aster, our mission is to send our own satellite up in space to improve Earth observation. We are always exploring new angles and hereby are also continuously facing new problems. Your ideas can be part of Aster’s vision. However, we require more motivated students for our mission to become a reality. We are excited to see how far we can push our boundaries, and for that we would like to invite you to our team. 

We have different departments that require people, which are summarized below. Next to the student team, you can also join the community Whatsapp group, in case you are interested in the Aster updates and space events!


We need more brainpower for our technical team! Our mission requires a lot of research in different aspects of the projects. We will be facing many challenges related to signal processing, data communication, power systems, and mechanical structures. If you are interested, but you have no background in these subfields, do not be afraid to contact us. 


Sending a satellite into space is no cheap job. Making sure we have enough funding is crucial for our research and, of course, the launch. If you join the financial department of Aster, you will be responsible for linking and contacting possible sponsors for this new team.


As previously mentioned, Aster also has a community of space enthusiasts at TU/e. Here, we post our updates regarding the student team via a newsletter and organize events. If you want to join the community department, you will be working on these two topics mainly. You’ll be in contact with the experts we invite to the events, as well as during meetings with the student team!


Currently, the visibility of Aster has been increasing slightly. You might have found our website this way! However, we desperately need a PR member, to promote and keep Aster visible. This will entail posting on our official Instagram and LinkedIn page, updating the community (together with the community department) and website.


If you are not certain if you like any of these specific positions, or if you have a potential addition, feel free to chat up with us anyways! We might be able to find a suitable spot for you.